E650 Series
  • Feature
E650 series is one of our chair base series for the office chair parts market. E650 series can be very changeable depend on customer's request on the Aluminum & plastic. E650 series has strong structure and can pass any standard test.
E650 series' plastic has anti slide surface that clients can rest their foot on it. Its massage surface has special design (according to human's acupuncture point) that can help clients relax in the tension working environment. Clients can take off their shoes and put their foot on massage surface. Doing the foot massage on massage surface also can help clients get back their energy when they feel tired.
  • Sustain
  • Weight
  • Material
Plastic: PC/Aluminum: ADC-12
  • Surface
Aluminum Surface: Before painting/Polish/Chrome
Plastic: Anti slide surface/ Massage surface/ with customize color




A 628
B 98.69
C 325
D 23.4
E 11.2+-0.05
F 54.69
G 49.48


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