Hsin Chernq is a premium care OEM/ODM solutions provider. Hsin Chernq has strong research and development team can help client design and manufacturing their products. Our R&D team of experienced professionals works with clients in all stages of their projects from original concept and design, to manufacturing, packaging, and delivery services to anywhere in the world. Please click the service to see more detail information

Hsin Chernq has a lot of experience in the OEM field. We are specialized in any production for the aluminum product; including aluminum die casting; aluminum forging; and aluminum extrusion.

Here is the example for the our OEM process.

1.Clients provide the 2D/3D drawing & demand for the finish surface.

2.We provide the quotation & production lead time to the clients

3.If the case are approved by the clients; we will process the production and provide the production schedule/picture to the clients.

4.When the tool is finish; we will test it and send the T1 sample to the clients for confirmation. After approve; we will do the final process on the tool and waiting client's purchase order.



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